The Printstitute workshop lithography area is equipped with two 26”x48” Takach Press Lithography Hand Presses, and a library of 90 lithographic stones ranging in size from 8”x10” to 18”x20”, a full 7’ X 3’ stainless steel graining sink with 2 restaurant grade pre-washers, 3 12” face length Stones Leather Rollers manufactured in 2013, various Takach Press composition rollers ranging from 6” face lengths to 16” face length, Takach Press aluminum plate backers ranging from 18” x 25.5” to 25.5” x 36”

All forms of lithographic printing from traditional stone lithography, ball grained aluminum plate and photo plate lithography are taught from a beginning to an intermediate level.

Fall and spring courses are 6 hours per week for 16 weeks and offer an additional 25 hours of staffed open studio Monday through Saturday. General storage and flat file storage is provided. Courses are a maximum of 20 enrolled students.
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